Resum is a non-profit organization that aims to help anyone who has experienced or is experiencing abuse related to their sexual orientation or gender-based violence and find themselves in a condition of isolation and socio-psychological distress. It aims to provide concrete solutions and generate a virtuous cycle in the long run.

For this project I have outlined the competitive positioning map, target audience, brand statement (consisting of core values, mission, vision, benefits, and tone of voice), and visual identity.

The elongated "R" suggests a sense of forward movement while maintaining a soft and non-aggressive motion. The graphic element of the logo - the curve - represents the concept of a journey, which sets Resum apart from other organizations, associations, and foundations compared during the positioning phase.

It is an imprecise curve: a journey, by nature, is not linear, and each one is different from the other, just as the individuals undertaking them are diverse. It has been designed to be used by Resum's assisted hosts as well, giving them a sense of belonging and community.