Lost and found: Stories of reconnection is a volume that develops from the herbarium collection concept. The aim of this volume is to connect and reunite pairs of objects that cannot exist separately, and that only together find their meaning.

In this process, Zeno Mora and I acted as deus ex machina that reunites lost or abandoned objects on the street with their inevitable halves. The volume continues with a dialogue engaged with an artificial intelligence, focusing on the themes of abandonment and the emotional significance that humans impart to the objects that surround them. As a conclusion to this project, a map of the city of Milan is included, marking all the locations where the featured objects were found.

The volume consists of a dual emotional plane, represented on one side by smartphone photos of lifeless objects lying on the street and on the other side by frames of their counterparts, with double exposure to accentuate the emotional layer that permeates these entities. The double exposure allows for the creation of ectoplasms that represent the afterlife of the found objects.