identity_group project

A collective exhibition is a gathering of different voices and visions, united by their belonging to the same communicative plane: an escape from commercial projects, work, and everyday life. Starting from this reflection, me, Zeno Mora and Martina Porverbio developed the scenario of a series of connections, key concept of the project. Connections refer to artistic relationships, the relationship between these two expressive planes, and as poles that cooperate within the same ever-changing context.

ESCO stands for Esposizione di Sguardi Collettivi (Exhibition of Collective Gazes) and encompasses two main elements: it is a collective exhibition and evokes the departure from the work context towards a more personal, intimate, and exploratory dimension.

Connection is the foundational element of the concept: from here, a modular and replicable form has emerged, with the application of a palette in various color combinations. It is the union between a glow and the main component, whose pixel effect aims to evoke the pixels of photographs.

The palette developed from the works of photographers. From each work, a color was sampled and its saturation was increased. To complete it, black was added.