ciao! I am Agnese.

I am a graphic designer. And much more.

I was born in the far east of Italy, in the small town of Gorizia. I have always had a curiosity for artistic and creative expression, starting to draw and take photographs since I was a child. However, life's paths led me to study something different: I obtained a bachelor's degree in Cultural Mediation (translation) in English and German at the University of Udine. Wanting to broaden my horizons for quite some time, I moved to Milan, where I earned a master's degree in Public and Corporate Communication (communication and marketing) at the University of Milan. Here, I had the opportunity to nourish my creative flair like never before, realizing that it could be an element of my personality to develo and delve into.

I began collaborating with a freelance graphic designer who mentored me, and then continued by attending various workshops on the subject. Finally, I enrolled in the Advanced Graphic Design course at Bauer, where I consolidated my design methodology and further developed my teamwork skills.

In addition to graphic design itself, I am passionate about bookbinding and alternative printing methods, illustration, and photography.

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